Material Specifications
Material Rod & BarOrdering CodeMaterial SpecificationsRoHS Compliant
Aluminum AL QQ-A225/3D - QQ-A225/6A - QQ-A225/8B - QQ-A200/9D Yes
Brass B ASTM-B-16 Yes
Nylon N LP-410A, D 4066 Yes
Phenolic - Paper PH MIL-P-79 Type PBE, MIL-I-24768/10 Yes
Phenolic - Linen PHL MIL-P-79 Type FBE, MIL-I-24768/13 Yes
Steel S ASTM-A108-07 Yes
Stainless Steel SS ASTM-A-581, A-582 Yes
Teflon TE ASTM-1710 Yes
Delrin D ASTM-D-4181 Yes
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