Conflict Minerals Policy

 Conflict minerals refers to minerals mined in conditions of armed conflict and human rights abuses, notably in the eastern provinces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) or one of nine African nations that share a border with the DRC Region. The most commonly mined minerals are Cassiterite, used to produce Tin (Sn), Wolframite, used to produce Tungsten (W), Coltan, used to produce Tantalum (Ta), and Gold (Au)*.

 The process of tracing Conflict Minerals through a global supply chain is complicated and time-consuming, and some component suppliers or sub-suppliers may lack the resources to trace minerals all the way back to their source. RAF Electronic Hardware will endeavor in good faith to have its suppliers exercise reasonable due diligence to evaluate their respective supply chains for the information called for by the Conflict Minerals rule.

 The composition of raw materials and surface finishes used in the manufacturing of our products were reviewed for any of the minerals listed above. Raw materials used by RAF Electronic Hardware do not contain any of these metals however; we do supply products with a tin or gold metal finish upon request.

 RAF Electronic Hardware has conducted a survey confirming sourcing policies and conflict free status from our current suppliers of finished surfaces. The suppliers of these finishes have established specific supply chain steps and provided written evidence that the materials used do not originate from the Conflict Region.

 RAF Electric Hardware will continue to evaluate our policies to ensure compliance with the SEC’s Conflict Minerals Rule and make adjustments when necessary

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Julia Stein

Quality Control Manager 

 A pdf version of our Conflict Minerals Statement on RAF letterhead.