Captive Panel Screws & Retainers

Captive Panel Screws & Retainers
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Captive screws are a type of screw typically used in PC boards and equipment panel assemblies where mounting hardware is subject to loss. Identifiable by the unthreaded shank with a threaded end, captive screws are often combined with washers, springs, and retainers depending on their intended function, to create a self-captivating assembly. They are especially useful for fastening applications where thermal conductivity, vibration, shock and thermal expansion are a factor, or where panels must be removed/reinstalled on the fly with speed and efficiency. Precision machined captive screws are often found in military, medical, electronic and industrial applications where tight tolerances and high quality and reliability are a factor

RAF Captive Screws

RAF captive screws are available in 6 different styles in both American and Metric dimensions. In addition to standard models, variations can be chosen such as slotted, unslotted or hex heads, washers for oval head styles, and retainer spring and washer sets. RAF offers 7 swaged retainer types to match all captive screw sizes. Captive screws are available in lengths ranging from 21/32″ to 2″ and with threads from 2/56 to 3/8-16. Head diameters are available from 5/16″ to 3/4.”


Choose from a wide variety of materials including:

  • brass
  • steel
  • stainless steel
  • and much more

We offer more than 40 different finishes available to suit any need. Custom lengths are available.

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