Plating CodePlating DescriptionAppearanceRoHS Compliant
1Cadmium (Commercial) (Special order)Dull Silver GrayNo
2Cadmium QQ-P-416F -Class 2 Type - 1 (Clear Chromate) (Special order)Dull Silver GrayNo
3Cadmium QQ-P-416F -Class 2 Type - 2 (Yellow Chromate) (Special order)Yellow iridescentNo
4Chrome over NickelA reflective finish.Yes
5Nickel QQ-N-290A Class 1 Grade GA reflective finish.Yes
10Chrome QQ-C-320B Class 1 Type 1 (Bright Finish)Bright FinishYes
11Chrome QQ-C-320B Class 1 Type II (Satin Finish)Satin FinishYes
12Zinc .0002 ASTM -B-633(Clear Chromate )Bright FinishYes
14Bright Tin ASTM B545 over Copper Flash MIL-C-14550BBright finishYes
15Hot Tin Dip MIL-T-10727C Type IISilver / Gray AppearanceYes
16Electro Tin ASTM B545 Class A, B or CSilver / Gray AppearanceYes
26Black Oxide, Stainless Steel, Steel MIL-DTL-13924D, Class 1 and 4Black Non-Cosmetic AppearanceYes
27Electro Tin Solder (60/40) per M222-MIL-F-14072D / M222Silver / Gray AppearanceNo
28Zinc Plate .0002 ASTM -B-633(Yellow Chromate)Yellow to Gold depending on Iridescense.Yes
29Brushed Finish - Handles OnlyLines with brushed like appearanceYes
37Ductile NickelReflective FinishYes
38Polished Nickel - Handles OnlyPolished Reflective FinishYes
42Black ZincBlackYes
43Blue ZincBlue IridescenceYes
44Electro Tin with Nickel Undercoat Per MIL-T10727Silver / Gray AppearanceYes

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