Precision machined components manufacturing
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Ultra-High Precision Turned Machine Parts for All Industries

RAF’s Precision Machining Department specializes in high precision, tight tolerance products for an array of applications and industries with exceptional attention to detail and quality. We produce a wide range of built complete-to-print parts to exact customer specifications. Our expertise in precise turning, close tolerance bending, critical application deburring, and extensive cleaning and inspection tools, ensures RAF can accommodate your most intricate needs.

CNC Precision Machined Components

  • Precision beryllium copper contacts and bodies to Military specs 
  • Tolerance on diameters to +/.0002” 
  • Short run and prototype 
  • Right angle and 45° bent beryllium copper contacts 
  • Turned diameters from .010” to .750” 
  • Turn key product, heat treated and plated 

CNC precision machined components made to your blueprint, featuring primary, secondary, and complete engineering support. Capabilities include: crimping, plating, slotting, knurling, assembling, threading, heat treating, and zone annealing. Short to medium runs with quick turnaround are our specialty.

Precision machined components examples

Advanced Capabilities Include:

  • Extensive raw material inventory including various grades of beryllium copper, brass. stainless steel, steel, and aluminum.

  • In-house beryllium copper heat treat capability.

  • Expanded state-of-the-art plating facility.

  • In house tooling and engineering support.

  • Kanban/Dock to Stock inventory programs and Quick Tum Delivery capabilities.

  • IS09001:2015 Certified Quality system.

Precision machining of beryllium copper contacts and more


Star and Citizen CNC equipment capable of producing highly precise complex parts. Diameter capacity up to .750″.
Tolerances can be held to +/- .0002″.

Extremely rigid control and variance equipment for targeting specific location of a part for annealing.

The zone annealing process passes a heating zone over a specific area that generates a sharp gradient in a part.  This enables the adjustment to the shape of the part in raw form.

The process allows the ability to alter or bend this part to customer requirements and meet critical applications.
The tooling for this process is made and stored in house.

IM-6225 Keyence instant measurement system. A visual inspection system that drastically reduces inspection time and operator subjectivity.
Enables us to measure multiple parts at one time and provide that information in a report.

Optical Comparator inspection equipment for in-process and first article measurements. Also a key tool in the detection and prevention of
burrs, scratches, indentations or any other imperfections in material or finished product.

Precision microscope further enhances the inspection process for the smallest diameter products. It gives us the ability to measure against
X, Y, and Z axis at high magnification and detect the slightest variance.

Heated ultrasonic filtered cleaning system with de-ionized water filtration. Ensuring the removal of trace amounts of contaminants and particles prior to the addition of precious metals plating.

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