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Locking Post Assembly

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Screw Lock Assembly

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Fillister Head Mounting Screws

locking post assembliesLocking post assemblies and screw lock assemblies are primarily used to secure D-type cable connectors in computer and other electronic equipment together. They come as a complete set including 2 flat washers, one lock washer, and one nut. They meet all the important industry specifications and can be customized for your application.


Locking post assemblies are available in thread lengths of 0.312″ to 0.458″. Body diameter is standard at 3/16″ hex and body length is 3/16″ with 4-40 threads. They are available in American standard dimensions.


Choose from a wide variety of materials including:

  • brass
  • steel
  • stainless steel
  • aluminum
  • and much more

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